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Candide Air+ P'tit Panda Baby Pillow (White / Grey)

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The Breathable Ptit Panda cushion was designed to slightly raise the baby’s head so that it keeps a round shape. Cushion designed with shape memory foam for great comfort. Its super-soft pique knit facilitates the elimination of perspiration. At the center, its netting fabric adapts to the shape of the head while letting the air circulate for more comfort.
Fabric 100% Polyester

Viscose foam 100% PU foam
Memory foam to elevate the baby’s head slightly so that it retains a good round shape.

Good posture for your baby as well as lessen the chance of flat head.


Mesh stitching allows the evacuation of perspiration.

Its mesh stitched in the center, follows the shape of the baby’s cranial, while allowing the air to circulate for comfort.

Recommended for babies 0-6 months.

Made in France.


White, Grey


  1. Jess Kuan

    I’m terrified of our baby getting a flat head so we use this any time she is laying down. it is effective, soft and easy to clean.

  2. Alan Tan

    Good quality pillow for newborn to protect their head. It is so comfortable.

  3. Cindy

    If you have a flat head baby, try this out. Nobody wants their baby’s head to look like a minecraft character.

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