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Bebetour Secret Garden Disposable Baby Diaper Trial Set (Tape & Pants) (1PC)


  • Tape S (1pc)
  • Tape M (1pc)
  • Tape L (1pc)
  • Tape XL (1pc)
  • Pant L (1pc)
  • Pant XL (1pc)
  • Pant XXL (1pc)
  • Pant XXXL (1pc)

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Alice’s Secret Garden Baby Diapers Series are premium baby diapers series under Bebetour brand.

Always adhere to the brand values of “rest assured, safe and trustworthy”, selecting global high-quality materials to give babies a warm newborn gift.

Bebetour baby diapers using 0.8D super fine denier fiber, silky and delicate like newborn naked skin, let your baby venture freely in Alice’s Wonderland.

1) Thin and light, yet highly absorbent
2) Super soft comfort
2) Instant dryness
3) Outstanding Breathability
4) Natural Surface
5) Fashionable design – Non-woven printing

Newly developed blown film process, with highly breathable hot air base film. It releases stuffy air and skin can breathe freely.
Sunshine cotton from nature. Every inch is fed with sunlight. Close integration with 3D surface layer, comfortable in all seasons.

Diapers Types:
1) TAPE (single pack)
– S size: 58pcs, 4 -8kg
– M size: 46pcs, 6 -11kg
– L size: 42pcs, 9 -14kg
– XL size: 38pcs, 12 -17kg

2) PANT (single pack)
– L size: 36pcs, 9 -14kg
– XL size: 34pcs, 12 -17kg
– XXL size: 32pcs, 15kg++
– XXXL size: 30pcs, 17kg++

Minimum order is 5pc per order.


Tape S (1pc), Tape M (1pc), Tape L (1pc), Tape XL (1pc), Pant L (1pc), Pant XL (1pc), Pant XXL (1pc), Pant XXXL (1pc)


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