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Shnuggle Eco-Touch Nappy Bin - White/Grey

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A nappy bin that’s a little kinder to the environment. 100% Biodegradable. Designed for the Shnuggle Eco-Touch Nappy Bin.

The Shnuggle Better Bag Nappy bin Liners have been designed for use with the Shnuggle Eco-Touch Nappy Bin.

100% biodegradable, our Better Bag Bin Liners offer a kinder choice of bin liners, generating les carbon emissions and less plastic as well as helping to trap odours inside.

Each pack includes 45 bags lasting up to 135 days when used with the Eco-Touch Nappy bins. Also compatible with other bins using similar sized bin liners.

The Eco Touch Nappy Bin has been designed to create an effortless change time for you and baby. With a simple, one handed ‘drop and go’ operation you don’t have to worry about struggling with an overcomplicated system, just let the bin do the work. Changing the bin liner has never been easier either; with a cassette free solution that save on time, ongoing costs and plastic waste.

Fuss Free ‘drop and go’ operation

Simply open the lid ‘drop and go’ for a fuss free, minimal touch change time. Allowing your focus to remain on baby without the struggle that can happen with an overcomplicated system.

Dual-Seal Odour Air Lock

The dual-seal odour airlock keeps unwanted odours trapped inside even when the outer lid is open and when changing the bin liner.

Anti-Bacterial Additive

For extra peace of mind, every day touch points have been treated with an anti-bactieral additive.

Cassette Free Design

No need to regularly replace cassettes, reducing ongoing cost not to mention plastic waste

Thoughtfully Eco

Design to be a little bit kinder to the environment, the Better Bag Nappy Bin Liners are 100% biodegradable ensuring your choice of nappies and wipes are supported. Zero single use plastic and made from 100% recyclable plastic, with a cassette free design, the Eco Touch Nappy Bin is a kinder choice.

  • Traps in odours with a Dual-Seal Odour Airlock
  • Fuss free and effortless nappy changing with its ‘drop and go’ operation
  • Cassette free design to save on ongoing costs and plastic waste
  • A more environmentally thoughtful choice in nappy bin with 100% biodegradable bin liners
  • Offers peace of mind with anti-bacterial additive on everyday touch points
  • Compatible with disposable, reusable and biodegradable nappies and wipes to support your choice
  • Compatible with any correctly sized bin liner
  • BPA Free
  • Holds up to 26 size 1 nappies
  • Sample pack of Better Bag Nappy Bin Liners included with every nappy bin

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 70 × 0.1 × 48 cm

Liner Only, Nappy Bin


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