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(READY STOCK) Mummyguru UV LED Sterilizer - Baby Bottle Sterilizer Multi-purpose Disinfection Cabinet, Dryer and Storage (Extra Big - 35 Liters)

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Mummyguru UV LED Sterilizer offers better sterilization, faster drying and more capacity.

4 UV tubes, 6 UV beads, 35L extra large capacity, 5 Double sterilization mode, 304 stainless steel tank, fresh air system

35Liters Extra Large Capacity
Bottle pacifier + baby tableware + toys disinfection once installed

Blockbuster Upgrade – Disinfect Fourfold
4 large area lighting + side LED lights

Achieve Multifaceted Irradiation
Sterilize More Thoroughly
The original imported Philips UV lamp

6 LED Beads on the side
Auxiliary disinfection, do not pass any corner
* Most disinfection cabinets in the market are only equipped with ultraviolet radiation at the top and no fresh air system and net ion sterilization.

Clean Ionized Air Disinfection Osmotic Sterilization
So that the dead corner of the bacteria can’t  hide.
The net ions can penetrate into clothing, mask fibers, straws, nipple hole, small gap sterilization.
To solve the problem of dead Angle of UV exposure.

An Independent Ventilation Disinfection Cabinet
Drying Faster: Effective discharge of steam
Achieve No Odor: Air comes in and goes out
Stay Dry: Achieve long storage time

Imported Philips Original Ultraviolet Sterilizing Lamp
Special for baby, 253.7 nm, no ozone release.
Import certificate of Philips lamps + certificate of UV lamps imported from Poland.

56°C – 63°C Intelligent Medium Temperature
Not only can it be dried and disinfected, it also protects baby supplies.
Dry at medium temperature to avoid release of harmful substances.

Five-weight Air Filtration System
Dry, Clean, No secondary pollution
Fresh air system + mesh filter + activated carbon filter gauze filter ten net ion to odor.

Fresh Air System
No pollution and no odor.

The Grid
Particulate intercepting hair.

Activated Carbon Filtration
Adsorption of harmful substances.

Gauze Filter
Make sure fresh air comes in.

Net Ions to Remove Odors
Milk odor removal odor.

Intelligent Storage – Keep the bottle dry and clean at all times
The fresh air system works continuously. It is automatically disinfected for 1 minute every 2 hours and ventilated for 3 minutes. The fresh air system can be stored in the cabinet for a long time.

Open the Door Lights
Night Feeding is not flurried
See clear bubble milk, also do not stab the baby’s eyes, midnight feeding no longer in a hurry.

Four Mode:
Automatic Mode:
– Drying + sterilization + air + anion
– 3 programs available: 40/60/80 minutes

UV Sterilization Mode:
– Sterilization + air + anion
– 3 programs available: 10/15/20 minutes

Drying Mode:
– Drying + ventilation + negative high son
– 3 programs available: 50/65/85 minutes

Storage Mode:
– 8 hours sterile storage
– Sterilize for 1 minute and breathe for 3 minutes every 2 hours.

Ready Stock in Singapore. Singapore approved safety plug.


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