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Candide Air+ 15° Cot Wedge Baby Pillow For Bed (60x120cm / 70x140cm)

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  • 60x120cm
  • 70x140cm

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The 15° Air+ Cot Wedge was created to raise the baby’s head for him to sleep well. Central pad with a 3D stitched matter offer a great breathable surface for a good sleeping.

The inclined plane 15 ° Memory was developed to elevate the baby’s head to ensure her a better sleep.

The upper part of the plan is shaped memory foam for a round head.

The inclined plane is placed between the fitted sheet and the mattress under the baby’s head.Place the baby’s head on the little bear, for optimal use.

For mattress size 60x120cm or 70x140cm

For babies 0 to 24 months.

Product Composition:

Fabric : 100% cotton

Maille 3D : 100% polyester

Bottom : 96% polyester 4% cotton

Filling : 100% polyester


60x120cm, 70x140cm


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