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Beaba Milk Prep (Bottle and Milk Drink Preparer, Quick Warmer for Babies)

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Beaba Milk Prep Beverage Maker is a milk beverage maker for babies and children from 0 to 4 years old. Not only does it warms the milk, it has an incorporated stirrer that ensures smooth and delicious preparations (say goodbye to lumps!). The Milk Prep is suitable for making powdered formula milk, warming breast milk, making milk chocolate. With selection of the temperature of 100 °C, the bowl can be sterilized after each use, fast, easy and hygienic.

Baby beverage maker with stirrer and warmer
Suitable for the preparation of all milky beverages from 0 to 4 years of age
Uniform temperature and lump-free texture thanks to its incorporated stirrer.
Reheats and mixes the milk for an optimal result.
3 choices of temperature (22°C, 37°C, 48°C)
22°C (1-3 min), 37°C (1-4 min), 48°C (2-6 min)
Space-saving compact design
Bowl dishwasher safe
High quality stainless steel bowl and large capacity (450 ml)
Sterilisation function at 100°C
UK electrical plug (for Singapore use)
For powdered milk, breast milk, milk chocolate and more!
Recommended for 0+ months.
1 year warranty.


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