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Beaba Baby Milk Second GREY (Bottle Warmer, Jar Steamer, Reheats Breastmilk, Bottle and teat steriliser)

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Bottle warmer (water, breast milk, growing-up milk)  and small jar steamer, reheats breastmilk.
Bottle and teat steriliser.
Patented ultra-quick steam heating system: bottles heated in 2 mins, small jars  in 5 mins.
High accuracy timer: reaches the correct temperature according to the size and  material of the bottle (carefully follow instruction leaflet).
› Insulated zone on the bell-lid: avoiding the risk of burns.
› Airtight bell-lid: keeps the bottle warm for longer.
› Compact solution: saves space on the kitchen worktop and is easily transportable.
› End of cycle audio signal.
› With BS Plug.


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